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We are efficient because we continously invest in the most advanced production technologies.

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Every day we print:
150.000 book-binded color magazines
750.000 saddle-stitched color magazines


The magazines can be printed on our sheet fed or web offset machines, but we usually use a combination of both. The web offset lithography is faster and uses rolls of paper, each weighing as much as one tone. The paper is fed through the press as one continuous stream, as information is transferred from plates to a rubber blanket then to paper. Folding and cutting to size is done after print.

Sheet fed machines are slower but can accommodate thicker sheets of paper and render higher quality output, perfect for magazine covers.

Our portfolio includes the most prestigious, high circulation color magazines titles from the leading Hungarian, Romanian and other multinational publishers. Top quality of the color magazines is guaranteed by (ICC-profile-based) Color Management System which integrates pre-press, plate developing & printing.

The shrink-wrapping line enables leaflets and product sample insertion. Please visit the finishing section for a complete list of operations available at Infopress Group.

Products are delivered to the client's chosen destination; the primary objective of our supply chain management is to meet the customer demands through the most efficient use of resources.