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INFOPRESS GROUP IS THE LEADER OF THE ROMANIA PRINTING INDUSTRY. Infopress Group always provides the best printing solutions by continuous investments in technology and also by the achieved expertise. We are a reliable business partner focusing on offering high quality services to all our current and potential clients.
November - 2012, Infopress Group starts the production on its new SHM equipment
May - 2012, Infopress Group has a sales representative in Austria
February - 2012, Infopress Group receives the PEFC certificate
December 20th - 2011, Infopress Group becomes the main supplier of Keesing Media Group
October 19th - 2011, GED purchases Revai Printing House
September 2011, Infopress Group sustains the Ecoatitudine Campaign
May 2011, Infopress Group offers a new screen printing service

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